Quality Diagnosis You Can Trust!

Posted on 20th Mar 2018 08:44:08 in

Quality Diagnosis You Can Trust!

AFRILAB MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES is a dedicated and well equipped hi-tech performance driven laboratory; with a knack for providing detailed, innovative, timely and accurate test results to physicians and private individuals alike; through creating personalized user interface on its dedicated and secure server, where persons can easily access their test results that have been uploaded in real time, from the comfort of their homes and from anywhere in the world.

The top-notch medical diagnostic and research services offered by AFRILAB is easily traceable to its passion to bridge the divide between traditional mode of diagnostic service delivery and a technology-driven one; where the rigors of visiting the lab to collect test results or the daunting tasks of waiting in long queues as is mostly practiced in traditional diagnostic centres are avoided.

AFRILAB thrives by relentlessly sticking to the letters in implementing stringent international quality standards and a centric approach to service delivery; which is made easy by its principled leadership and the undaunted commitment of its vibrant, dynamic and experienced team of professionals who have spanned almost a decade in the diagnostic industry.

AFRILAB offers diagnostic solution at very affordable prices in general laboratory services which include; Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Parasitology, Serology, Infertility profile, Blood bank facility, 3D/4D Ultrasound for O&G, ECG and Vascular Doppler whilst building momentum to launch its endocrinology, histopathology/cytology, Echocardiograph, DNA/Paternity test profile, Test of drug abuse, Tumor Markers, Digital X-ray, Mammogram and CT Scan services.

AFRILAB is definitely the go-to laboratory for prompt service delivery, seamless results and accessible test results in real time.